6 Practice Tips to Help Decarbonize Our Planet

how we can heal the planet and our patients

Here are 6 tips you could try in your environment.

  1. Deprescribing versus lifestyle and social prescribing.
  2. Telehealth: access to medical appointments. Telehealth appointments and lower carbon alternatives to transport (eg, walk, ride, public transport) are effective strategies, where safe and appropriate.
  3. Food choices- recommend reducing red meat intake.
  4. Switch to renewable energy.
  5. Invest ethically. Movie your money to align with community and planetary health – this  is a very effective strategy.
  6. Offsetting emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with our personal and professional lives or medical practice are easy to calculate online. It is then possible to donate to an organisation that offsets those emissions with various projects, such as tree planting, soil sequestration projects, renewable energy projects and sustainable farming education.

For more info please visit: https://insightplus.mja.com.au/2021/4/lets-get-practical-how-we-can-heal-the-planet-and-our-patients/

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