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AFMW President’s March Update

President's Update - march 2021

A lot has happened in the month of March, so I’ve taken the liberty to provide our members with this update.  It has been a hectic time as you all know for the nation and for many of us too.


Gender Equity Advocacy

  • I spoke at the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators panel session last week. The title of my talk was:  “Gender Equity – I’m not biased, so what’s the big deal?’


MWIA COVID -19 Survey

Please share and promote – we have only until 30th April to collect as many responses

Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) survey of COVID-19 experiences of women doctors as healthcare providers survey link. www.surveymonkey.com/r/MWIAcovid19

Takes 5 minutes.  Responses are anonymous and it’s so important to have a range of countries represented.


UN CSW65 March 20th 2021


Women and Technology

SAVE THE DATE: 15th April 7pm: The first of our Medical Women in Technology and Health (MedWiTH) sessions for AFMW members with Kley MacPherson our IT support,  with be on 15th April Thursday 7-8  Please join us and bring your questions. Kley will be there try to  help you with any of your issues as part of a process of increasing member confidence with day to day technology.


Student Advocacy

I presented at the WHISM (Women’s Health Interest Student Society Monash  University)  webinar with Prof Susan Davis AO , Dr Anita Elias and others. It was interactive and the students were wonderfully engaged. -We were  broken up  into zoom rooms and workshopped which was great fun for around 2 hours.


International Women’s Health and partnerships Somalia

Meeting with the Health Minister of Somalia on 22nd March 2021, Dr Fawziya Abikar Nur was the highlight of my month.

It was around all things women’s and childrens’ health as Somalia has the highest maternal and child mortality in Africa as outlined in the interview she gave: https://youtu.be/nQyYyC-WnoM

I will keep you all posted around what the developments of this are. A lot is in the pipeline but here is a photo of our first zoom session.

CSW65 Webinar

Dr Magdalena Simonis – AFMW President (top left), Dr Chris Sotiropoulos Co-Founder – SEMEA (top right), Dr Hassan Haji – Somalia (bottom left), Dr Fawziya Abikar Nur Health Minister – Somalia (bottom right)


Rotary Club Melbourne

I have been invited to talk on “Adolescent mental health, school failure and juvenile justice – where are the supports?’ at the Sofitel in Melbourne on 31st March.  Anyone interested in attending can register here: https://rotaryclubofmelbourne.org.au/


Meeting with RACGP President Dr Karen Price and Ms Kirsten Pilatti, CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNS)

We are planning a national campaign for cancer awareness in the community. Involving the GP, of course.  This Friday, I will be filming some short videos on the My Journey Toolkit which originally started as a booklet. I’ve been involved in the various edits and reviews over the years and the newly developed online toolkit, provides support and evidence-based information assisting in decisions making and guiding women on their journey when diagnosed with breast cancer. It caters for women and men at all stages of the disease and is interactive. We should all promote this  to our patients and friends as the booklet, which was being delivered to more than 15,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients annually, was one of the most used resources for breast cancer patients.

Meeting with RACGP President Dr Karen Price and Ms Kirsten Pilatti, CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNS)



The several articles I have written have been posted already in our chats and on our website.

My International Women’s Day article remains very relevant and topical given the current events nationally , so I will share this with you again: NewsGP 8th March 2021

RACGP – Achieving equality in a COVID-19 world www.racgp.org.au/newsgp/gp-opinion/achieving-equality-in-a-covid-19-world


Stay well and safe,

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