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AFMW President’s Awards 2023

AFMW awards 2023

The annual AFMW President’s award’s were delivered in person by AFMW President Magdalena Simonis during the 2023 AGM held recently in Melbourne.  Congratulations to the following recipients.


President’s Honour 2023 recipient, Dr Anne Meyers and President A/Prof SimonisPresident’s Award 2023

Dr Marjorie Cross OAM

President’s Award for Excellent Service to the Health of the Nation through numerous roles and to the Australian Federation of Medical Women.

Dr Cross’s acceptance speech emphasised the importance of women doctors supporting one another and, viewing health within the bigger context of the financial environment.


President’s Honour 2023 recipient, Dr Anne Myers and President A/Prof SimonisPresident’s Honour 2023

Dr Anne Myers

President’s Honour In recognition of excellent contribution to the health of women and the community.

Dr Myers elucidated on the difficulties women faced accessing sexual and reproductive health services in her day as a sexual health physician and how working as a sexual health physician was work few doctors actually wanted to do. Dr Myers described that although it was the only work she was offered as a woman doctor and as a non-Australian doctor, she enjoyed it thoroughly and worked until the age of 86 years.


Young President’s Award 2023 recipient, Dr Katrina Harris and President A/Prof SimonisYoung President’s Award 2023

Dr Katrina Harris

President’s Young AFMW Award In recognition of excellent contribution to Victorian Medical Women’s Society and AFMW

Dr Harris spoke about the challenges women in training face and the benefits of being involved with a supportive group like ours at AFMW.


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