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Chronic UTI | The Project Interview

Laura and Sally have both spent years battling what are known as chronic urinary tract infections, a condition that is not technically recognised in Australia.

Associate Prof Magdalena Simonis AM was interviewed by The Project on Chronic UTI.  Magda was asked to comment on chronic UTI, a condition which some sectors of the medical profession namely urologists, pathologists, gynaecologists, infectious diseases specialists, urogynaecologists and GPs are debating the existence of.

 “Although urinary tract infections (UTI) affect almost 50% of women at some point int their life, chronic UTI is less commonly talked about and far less well understood. Having 2 UTIs in 6 months and a 3rd within a year, is classified as recurrent UTI. There is management for this. However, some fall outside of this group and are burdened with a host of symptoms which includes recurrent or ‘ongoing persistent infection’ and have formed an advocacy group to raise awareness. This group is called Chronic UTI or CUTI“

Following the UTI article published in The Australian on 3-4 February 2024, important discussions have been initiated.



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