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Perimenopause, Menopause – When does it start and what to expect

Perimenopause, Menopause - When does it start and what to expect

Women in ethnic majorities and minorities are often not given information in their language or even in English which they can understand. With the removal of several common hormone therapy treatments from the PBS, the health and well being of women from Culturally And Linguistically Diverse ( CALD) communities and with socioeconomic struggles, will be even further comprised.

Menopause is often branded “the change of life” as it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive life, but with it come an array of symptoms physical and psychological. It has long been a taboo subject that many people still find uncomfortable to talk about especially women with limited English. During the talk I gave to the Greek women, I helped unpack the various stages of menopause and offered expert advice to help women experiencing this transition as well as increase their understanding of what it means to be menopausal.

There’s not enough discussion around menopause, beyond hearing about hot flushes and maybe from a TV reference or some jokes that are made by women and men, little is known about it. Doctors rarely bring it up, and too often, patients dismiss the symptoms. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the Food for Thought Network (FFTN) and with The Greek Australian Women and Friends Around the World forum. Further conversations have been sparked off and I am hoping to change all that some interesting initiatives that involve the CALD groups of women.

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