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President’s Update – December 11 2020


Dear AFMW Community,

You can email me directly using this link. Here are a few updates:
1. Philippines presentation Saturday 5th December was outstanding.
Here are the notes I took. Please peruse and enjoy.
2. RAP process underway.
I have written to Dr Tanya Schramm, President of AIDA, and she has responded with an offer to meet via zoom and to deepen our relationship. We are  also undertaking the RAP process, which is in the reflective phase currently. I am attended an all day VACCHO ‘Introduction to Cultural Safety and Awareness Training’ programme this week and will share the key learnings from this.  I attach below the RACGP RAP statement here as an idea of what this might look like for us as an organisation (
Our RAP team includes:
  • Marjorie Cross.
  • Lydia Pitcher.
  • Deb Colville,
  • Anne Stanaway.
  • Marissa Daniels.
  • Kathryn Mainstone
  • Magdalena Simonis
3. AFMW Medical Women in Technology and Innovation – my particular passion project (which includes the baseline Digital Principles of Practice).
Discussions being had weekly with industry leaders and being guided on next steps to develop a platform via AFMW to engage medical women as innovators and drivers of technology development – bridging the gender gap in technology, but particularly in the health  space – which is the fastest growing  industry. My aim is that we attract women willing to  become engaged as well as bring our existing members to a level of proficiency with the technology that they are using and want to use more efficiently.
 4. MWIA COVID-19 Member Survey: In my role as MWIA Scientific and research Subcommittee co-Chair, I have successfully got the project off the ground – with the approval and support of the 50 members of the MWIA S&R committee behind me. Hope you all respond to the survey when it is sent through the VP MWIA to the AFMW  NC and to the AFWM members.
The title of the project is:
Alfred Ethics Project No: 761/20
Project Title: Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) member survey of COVID-19 experiences as healthcare providers.
Principal Researcher: Magdalena Simonis
5. Speaker at Global Health Alliance presentation “Are we there yet?” on Thursday 10th December.
Open to all, and a free event.  COVID Vaccine panel discussion.

Join this Q&A session to hear expert panelists discuss the unprecedented task ahead to immunise #Australia against #COVID19, and the challenges that will need to be overcome in the face of uncertainty of information, significant workforce training needs and rising #vaccine hesitancy.

Moderated by Professor Nancy Baxter, with special guest panelists, Professor Jodie McVernon, Dr Rosalind McDougall, Dr Magdalena Simonis and Sonja Elia

6. Magda will be attending the ACT AGM December 16th

Would like to attend the other state AGMs or key meetings  for the triennium and become aquatinted with the committee members.
7. In my role on WHV board, we recently launched the following national  campaign to stop gender discrimination in the advertising industry.

Please  look at these tools and our campaign. We believe your support of this moment will help drive the change needed to prevent violence against women. 

“ShEqual Advertising Equality: Get Real, Get Equal” 

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