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Recommended Book – Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctors | Australian Scholarly Publishing

cover of the book Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctors featuring theree women doctors on the front

AFMW President Award recipient 2022, Dr Merrilyn Murnane AM has authored the book “Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctor” which is based on the lives of the first medical women in Australia, Constance Stone, USA Elizabeth Blackwell and UK Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

The book is sensitively written and thoroughly researched. Very little exists regarding Constance Stone’s life as she did not write a memoir. It seems that she and the founding members of the Victorian Medical Women’s Society were so busy establishing the Queen Victoria hospital from the St David’s church hall in the La Trobe Street Wesley church in Melbourne, that they didn’t document their journey for future generations. They just got on with serving the most vulnerable women and children in the community and little was known about them until Dr Merrilyn Murnane took an interest as a VMWS Past President.

Purchase of this book for Christmas would make a wonderful gift and spreads the knowledge about these Honourable Healers. We thank Dr Merrilyn Murnane AM for capturing their lives in this book.


To Purchase

Dr Murnane’s book is available to purchase here:

Royal Historical Society of Victoria

Australian Scholarly Publishing


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