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Socks4Docs Day is on 7 June 2024

Socks4Docs day event details

This annual event is dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health of doctors and health practitioners. The goal is to normalise mental health conversations in healthcare and create a safe space for discussing challenges.

Socks4Docs  is not just about the socks. It is about changing the culture around mental health, particularly in medicine and as part of that some of us choose to omit crazy because it is a stigmatising word that is disproportionally levelled at women reporting poor mental health.

On June 7 wear your crazy socks and reflect on the mental health issues that many women in medicine are experiencing around stress, burnout,  micro aggressions, depression and  anxiety.


Further Information

Visit CrazySocks4Docs

Visit Drs4Drs


Need Support?

Direct a colleague in distress to DRS4DRS or to the Doctors Health Advisory Line in your state.

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