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AFMW UN CSW67 Parallel session:“Leading through the Digital Revolution to empower women and girls, no matter how far the distance” [RECAP]

CSW67 AFMW Event Recording

On March 15, AFMW hosted a Parallel Event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67). The AFMW UN CSW 67 chosen theme this year was “Leading through the digital revolution to empower women and girls no matter how far the distance”. For those who missed out, we’ve provided the recording of the event below.

Our parallel session was a fabulous success and our speakers enlightened us on the power of digital health and technology, as enablers of equity in health and gender equality when harnessed and used by women and the wider community. Both our theme and that of the UN CSW67 aligns with the vision of our own special interest group, Medical Women in Technology and Health (MedWiTH) group.

Dr Amandeep Hansra shared great insights into the world of entrepreneurship and inspired those us to have a go at solving big problems.

Professor Wendy Chapman shared her leadership journey though her experience with skiing as a parallel for taking chances, being coached, sponsored and then leading with empathy.

Associate Professor Vanessa Morgan talked about the use of technology in dermatology, to reach remote individuals and our First Nation’s People.

Dr Jennifer Green outlined a detailed program for equity in medical workforce training and leadership, which should be used to inform the current National Strategy for Gender Equality.

Dr Kimberly Humphrey gave an eloquent presentation based upon her Harvard Climate Change and Human Health Fellowship, across the whole of women’s health.

Dr Marjorie Cross described how Australia has been the first in many areas of technology, such as the School of the Air which was established in the 1951, however argued that there are still major inequities in access to the internet, across this large continent which inevitably impacts health equity.

Dr Sumaiya Sayed shared with us the development of her podcasts in Hindi, which reach millions of women providing them with evidence-based women’s health advice across India and the Indian diaspora.

Finally, Dr Natasha Abeysekera completed the cycle with a talk on the importance of technology in dermatology. Special thanks to my cohost, Dr Helena Franco, yAFMW co-Chair who is currently at Harvard University.


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Event Program


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