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AFMW President’s Address – Welcome back Jan 2023!

AFMW President, Magda Simonis report

Welcome back friends and members of AFMW. I hope you have had a restful time off or if not, that you have planned some time off.  As we return to our office, research departments and surgeries, the problems we try to address can direct us to a negative place so remember to take time every day to just breathe deeply, be in the moment and practise gratitude for living in this wonderful country.

There is a lot of positive change in the air and much of this has been brought about by our individual and group efforts so even if you take ‘time out’, remember that there is a team out there doing the ‘time in’, a bit like the baton being passed on for a period.

Our year ahead is looking very exciting so watch our ebulletin for updates on our AFMW Events calendar. Starting with our first AFMW Council Meeting for the year on the 7th February, followed by our first Circle of Kindness session on the 22nd February 8-m AEDT, followed by our UN CSW 67th parallel event in later March.

Watch this space as we approach International Women’s Day on the 8th March, where the UN Women Australia’s International Women’s Day theme for 2023 is ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future’. This ties in so well with the work we have been doing with AFMW Medical Women in Technology and Health (MedWiTH), where we encourage women doctors to become more involved in digital technologies so as  to address gender inequity ranging from programming biases to the presence of women in the health technology industry.

I wish you all a healthy happy prosperous year and share a photos from my favourite locations which I flick through during my working day, to remind myself of the beauty that exists.

The view from the restaurant we ate at in Chalkidiki Greece July 2022

The view from the restaurant we ate at in Chalkidiki Greece July 2022


(L) Street food in Athens (r) Choices, choices – where do we sit? (R)


Bass coast – many walks and swims

Lavender farm near Launceston

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