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MWIA Poster Abstracts

Born to Gridlock, or Hospital In The Home. The Case for Helipod ‘Bub-Hubs’

Dr A Freeman, Adrienne Freeman Medical Pty Ltd

CONTEXT: Childbirth takes place in diverse environments. There are life-threatening events regarded as the usual risks of pregnancy. Developed countries have greatly reduced maternal mortality but perinatal mortality and morbidity are of concern and the foetus and neonate are at high-risk peri-partum. There is now high incidence of babies being born in ambulances in gridlock and this is likely to rise. Emergency services are strained. Ambulances with neonatal resuscitation equipment may not always meet the need.

Educating Remote Communities About Infant Feeding

Miss Cassie Rickard 1,2, Miss Emily Butler 1,2, Ms Sarah Connally 2
1 Monash University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Victoria, Australia, 2 Department of Health and Community Services, Northern Territory, Australia

BACKGROUND: Eleven percent of infants in remote Northern Territory communities are wasted, and 46% anaemic. Inappropriate infant feeding practices contribute to the poor health outcomes of Indigenous children. A culturally relevant resource, A Story About Feeding Babies, was developed to educate families about appropriate feeding practices, disseminated in 2006.

Aspects of the Management of Pregnancies associated with Prostitution

Dr Adrienne Freeman, Adrienne Freeman Medical Pty Ltd CONTEXT. In general the circumstances associated with prostitution are extremely difficult. Poverty, debts and the needs of dependent children may bring about problems. The risk of pregnancy may present especial difficulties. Prostitutes may be subject to assault and murder. The circumstances of… Read More »Aspects of the Management of Pregnancies associated with Prostitution

A gender profile of cataract patients: implications for delivery of opthalmic curriculum

Medical Student Award

Ms Gargi Kothari1, Assoc Prof Deb Colville1,2, Dr Jo Wainer2
1 Medical Student, University Of Melbourne, Melbourne University Dept Of Ophthalmology, Royal Victorian Eye And Ear Hospital, 32 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3002, 2 Centre For Gender And Medicine, Monash Institute Of Health Services Research, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Address for correspondence: [email protected]

Cataract surgery rates (CSR) show sex-disaggregated differentials, but less research has been conducted in developed countries. Also, gender is rarely critiqued within Australian ophthalmic education. This study aimed to provide a gender profile of cataract surgery patients at a Melbourne hospital and to identify how ophthalmic curriculum considers gender.

A regimen for use for first trimester abortion using misoprostol in the absence of mifepristone

Dr A Freeman, Adrienne Freeman Medical Pty Ltd

BACKGROUND. There are many regimens for pharmacological abortion. Some of these can now be provided in diverse communities. Mifepristone shortens the induction-abortion interval. Its cost would be an impediment in developing nations. When mifepristone is not available, misoprostol can be used alone. Misoprostol can be administered by several routes, is cheap, and does not degrade readily.