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IVF success rate increasing in Australia

IVF success rate increasing in Australia

In the article, originally published by in the RACGP’s newsGP, Dr Simonis discusses how IVF success rates are increasing in Australia. However it is still important to emphasise that waiting longer, is not ideal for conception or freezing eggs.

Although IVF rates have improved, which is a terrific thing, the key factors affecting conception and healthy pregnancy remain the basics:

  1. Age- for females ideally <35 years and for males ideally < 40 although it is less significant for them
  2. Timing of sex.
  3. Managing medical conditions – endometriosis especially. Screening for STIs, asking about menstrual patterns, controlling weight and diabetes, cancer treatments that may have affected egg/ sperm.
  4. Being healthy – obesity is associated with reduced fertility and increased pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, and larger babies resulting in obstructed labour.
  5. Making healthy lifestyle choices: avoiding toxins smoking, alcohol, drugs.
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