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MedWiTH Launch and upcoming webinar

Magda announces MedWiTH Launch and upcoming webinar

Medical Women in Technology and Health – MedWiTH

Welcome to Medical Women in Technology and Health MedWiTH, a site dedicated to Technology and Health, the opportunities for the medical work force and particularly for women in medicine. Nowadays, around 50% of medical graduates are women, yet there are very few in the digital health space. MedWiTH is about Raising awareness and taking action

The blend of Health and Technology is fast becoming one of the biggest industries and it is set to grow exponentially as we all grow older. Developing and designing the systems that are intuitive and acknowledge the wisdom of clinical expertise through a gendered lens is very important. The UNESCO advises that strenuous efforts need to be made at government, academic and corporate levels to address this gender imbalance. The challenge is to attract and then retain women in these subject areas and maintain momentum in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Inaugural MedWiTH Webinar

With this in mind, I have met with the CEO of Australian Institute of Digital Health, Dr Louise Schaper and founder of Creative Careers, Dr Amandeep Hansra  and have invited them to talk with us at our inaugural MedWiTH session on October 14th. We will learn about now to get involved in the health tech industry even with little technological expertise,  about the importance of bringing the gender lens to the development of the systems that we and our patients interact with for their health.

This should interest all women in medicine, as we are and will be the end users of these systems.

Medical women looking for alternative pathways can explore the opportunities that exist health tech industry. Some might be budding health technology developers. Earlier in the year I met with founders of Telstra’s Brilliant Connected Women in Digital Health in preparation for this conversation also.

More recently, I gave an interview  on the need for engagement of women doctors specifically and the opportunities which I am  keen to address through AFMW MedWiTH which will be shared through a podcast with Talking Tech Health Peter Birch. Women doctors need to start thinking about this, drive this and build up their skills. The podcast is going live on 21st Sept.

Further Inspiration

Check out some of these sites for more information and to get inspired:

    2. There are initiatives providing free education, encouraging skills development for the evolving industries, see: Skill Finder offers over 2000 free short courses from the world’s leading tech brands. Learn more and enrol at Skill Finder


Hope you find all this as inspiring as I do! See you at our event on the 14th October.


Kind regards,
Magdalena Simonis

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