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Long Covid already tortures Australians – SBS Interview

long-COVID interview

Reaching out to CALD communities – I gave an interview in Greek (English version) for SBS on Long- COVID.

SBS Interview

Long COVID syndrome is more common in women, but can affect patients of all ages. It causes a variety of symptoms, which can last for months. It has already started torturing many patients in Australia.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, about one in five patients with coronavirus develop long-term Covid symptoms, such as excessive fatigue, difficulty thinking and concentrating, and muscle, joint, and head pain. Similar symptoms with many autoimmune issues. These symptoms can last from weeks to 6 months. Patients in need of hospitalization are at greater risk for more serious heart, lung or kidney disease.

But long COVID syndrome as it is called can affect those who got sick very slightly, regardless of age. The long covid is already appearing and affecting many patients in Australia, as General Practitioner Dr. Magdalena Simoni told SBS Greek.

Dr Simonis urges citizens, now that winter has arrived in Australia for good, not to forget protection measures, such as wearing masks in means of transport and indoors. In order to protect both themselves and those around them, from the danger of covid, but also of the particularly dangerous seasonal flu that circulates.


Listen to the full interview

Here are the links of the podcasted interview and article:




Dr Magdalena Simonis
President Australian Federation of Medical Women
National COVID-19 Taskforce expert advisory group


Photo credit: Pixabay

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