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Caring for the Carer – that’s you! Ask yourself ‘Am I OK? ‘ – the other side of RUOK?

Could the ways you cope with stress be undermining you? Here are healthier ways to respond

In our busy lives we often forget to check in on ourselves and sometimes it can lead to a downward emotional spiral.  Here is something I’d like to share with you all in this week’s eBulletin which talks about knowing how to detect the signs of stress in yourself and learning how to redirect your effort towards positive strategies to help you cope. It’s simple, clear and includes dot points.

Knowing to identify signs of anxiety or stress is important but can be difficult when work and the needs of others are your focus.

I hope this helps those who are feeling like they are struggling to be their best selves under the current circumstances. The uncertainty of protracted lockdowns, home schooling, caring for aged parents and loved ones, dealing with angry patients, working months on end without a break will take its toll on anyone.
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Could the ways you cope with stress be undermining you? Here are healthier ways to respond (EXTRACT)

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When you are anxious or upset what do you typically do to calm yourself? Without overthinking, read through the following common negative coping techniques. Which are familiar to you?

Negative Ways to Cope

• Use or abuse alcohol or drugs
• Act violently toward others
• Act out or misbehave on purpose
• Avoid conflict
• Rationalize or blame others for your problems
• Deny there is a problem
• Repress or forget what has happened
• Behave like someone you are not
• Disassociate yourself from a situation
• Exhibit controlling behavior
• Become a workaholic
• Isolate yourself and withdraw from activities and others
• Feel like you need to control or manipulate others
• Refuse to communicate
• Fantasize regularly
• Catastrophize
• Help others over helping yourself

Next, go through the list of positive coping techniques — these are beneficial ways of managing anxiety.

Positive Ways to Cope

• Name your feelings, positive or negative
• Control your anger
• Practice self-reflection
• Seek support from friends and family
• Communicate or talk about your feelings
• Exercise
• Participate in hobbies and/or sports
• Spend time outdoors
• Consider a situation from another point of view
• Remain flexible and open to new ways of thinking
• Keep a journal or engage in another form of conscious self-reflection
• Spend quality time with family, partner, friends
• Use positive self-talk and affirmations
• Meditate or pray
• Clean or organize your workspace or home
• Seek support from a health professional when you need it
• Playing or being with a pet or children

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