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Somalia Update: Meeting with Chair Global Somali Diaspora

Somalia Update: meeting with Chair Global Somali Diaspora

Somalia update: Proud to be liaising with  Jawaahir Daahir BEM (2BAs, MAs)Founder & Chair Chair of Global Somali Diaspora (GSD),  Awarded British Empire Medal by Her Majesty, The Queen, 2014,  Winner Woman in The Community Award 2008, Leicestershire Women of Achievement Award, Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce.

Somalia is being ravaged by COVID-19 and drought upon a background of chronic civil unrest lasting more than 30 years.

Somalians are the first African refugees to have arrived in Australia as refugees. They arrive poor and face many struggles in their new countries as migrants facing marginalisation racism and poverty. The English language is also not commonly spoken.

The Somalian  diaspora is now enormous for all the reasons we know such as war,  human rights and gendered impacts of climate change. These are real and recurring.

Somalia also the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. Countries such as Australia may be a  bit out of touch because of the geographic distance and we mix all of West Africa as a group however these are issues we understand from our experience with  refugees, climate change causing droughts here and bushfires.

Somalia needs our help and advocacy which I have been invited to participate in and following my talks with the Somalian Health Minister Dr Fawziyar Abikar Nur

We have agreed to involve Australian Health Professionals build and support a better health system with the support of GSD Global Somali Diaspora.

A lot needs to be done but every ounce of support will help. I’ll keep you all updated of our progress.


(Participants:  A/Prof Magdalena Simonis, Dr Chris Sotiropoulos, Ms Jawaahir Daahir BEM, Mr Ahmed Tohow)

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