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The Inaugural Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute Conference [Recap]

The Mediterranean Lifestyle Institute Building in Leros.

I attended the inaugural Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Conference  in  Leros ?? with friends and interdisciplinary colleagues. It was an amazing time filled with enriching experiences, learning and great collaboration  with colleagues from 19 countries.

In early June this year, I was one of a select group of clinicians and academics who attended the Inaugural Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Conference on a small Aegean Island called Leros.

We all came from a variety of disciplines and assembled from nineteen countries to discuss what constitutes the Mediterranean lifestyle, which elements of this lifestyle which predominate around the Mediterranean basin are key to better health and how this lifestyle can be introduced into our thinking about chronic disease prevention and management over the course of life.

Congratulations Professor Labros Sidossis and Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos and Professor Rob Lawson for a successful inaugural conference of the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute (MLMI).

We had Socratic discussions under the olive groves like ancient Greek philosophers on the beautiful island of Leros in Greece.

Applying our learnings to education and health care is our next exciting challenge.

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