Young AFMW Committee Nominations NOW OPEN

Young AFMW's Role and Purpose

Female medical students and doctors fewer than 7 years since graduation, OR younger than 40 yrs of age, are eligible to join Young AFMW. Our aims are to:

a) Identify issues of importance to our membership;

b) Provide strategic direction and leadership to the group of young AFMW members;

c) Provide leadership opportunities for young AFMW members;

d) To do a, b, and c with a focus on creative and effective communication; and

e) To do a, b and c with attention to ensuring our work is evidence-based where possible, and, where evidence is lacking, seek to address deficits in available evidence.  

Application and Selection Process: 

  • Submit your application here.
  • Selection criteria:
    • tell us how your values are aligned with those of Young AFMW
    • tell us how the position will benefit both you and the organisation 
  • Nominations close Friday October 23
  • Selection will be made by vote of the Young AFMW Committee and Members 
  • The Committee will be announced at the AFMW Council Meeting on November 7. 

Positions Available



  • This person is the leader of the group and representative to AFMW Council.
  • She is responsible for providing feedback to Council on Young AFMW activities and provides a written report to AFMW Council at each AFMW Council meeting.


Vice President

  • This role supports the President. 



  • Responsible for communication with members, including social media and website content
  • Supports AFMW Webmaster with AFMW website administration 



  • Liaises with AFMW Treasurer for access to funds and a budget. 
  • This role may be suitable for someone interested in learning about AFMW’s Treasurer role. 


State Representatives 

  • There are two representatives for each Australian state and territory.
  • They advocate for the needs of their state members to the Committee.
  • These reps are responsible for communication with Young AFMW members from their state. 


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative 

  • The person in this role is to foster cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness in the organisation. 
  • She advocates for the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students and doctors in all aspects of the work of the Committee.


International Representative 

  • This role is responsible for facilitating international opportunities for young AFMW members.
  • This will include liaison with the MWIA National Coordinator. 
  • The role also includes advocating for the needs of international medical students, international graduates and overseas trained doctors working in Australia. 


Project Leads 

  • Young AFMW will undertake up to three projects each year. Each is to be lead by a dedicated committee member. 
  • This role suits itself well to Young AFMW members with a project they would like to propose Young AFMW undertake in 2021. 

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