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National Leadership Program Women in Digital Health Launched

National Women in Digital Health Leadership Program launched by AIDH CEO Dr Louise Schaper

Dr Louise Schaper, CEO of Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) is launching the first National Women in Digital Health Leadership Program.

Here is the message from the AIDH CEO Dr Louise Schaper:

“Today I am proud to say one of the Institute’s long-held goals comes to fruition – the launch of the national leadership program for Women in Digital Health. Many months of work and close collaboration with partners Telstra Health, Alcidion, EY and Coviu have brought us to this milestone for the Institute. Best of all, there are so many brilliant women working and achieving in our sector, we asked some of them to come forward as role models, mentors, and coaches…..We are inspired by their generous and enthusiastic response which will ensure we take the inaugural 25 participants to their next career level.

Our first group will be supported by the Institute’s team of mentors Prof Wendy Chapman, Janine Cox, Dr Ruth de Souza, Berne Gibbons, Tricia Liebke, Dr Magdalena Simonis and Dr Monica Trujillo.
The first of its kind in Australia, the program will run from February to August 2022 and is designed to cater for women at all stages of their leadership career journey. If this sounds like you, we are taking applications for the first round until 10 January 2022.”
Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH FIAHSI CHIA BSc(OT)Hons
CEO, Australasian Institute of Digital Health

The AFMW members who attended our Medical Women in Technology and Health (MedWiTH) evening with Dr Schaper and Dr Amandeep Hanrsa, were fortunate to catch a glimpse into this comprehensive leadership program. It is modelled on a similar program in the USA run by Women in AMIA which has been tremendously successful.

Take a look at this program and if you see yourself wanting to grow into the Digital Health sector, this is a fabulous opportunity.

I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a mentor for this inaugural program and look forward to supporting other women develop these skills. If we don’t design the digital health systems of the future, we will be passive recipients of someone else’s design and to date, there are very few women guiding this industry. So I urge you to give this some serious consideration.

Magdalena Simonis
Chair, Medial Women in Technology and Health (MedWiTH)

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