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Yesterday’s climate risks are now reality

Yesterday's climate risks are now reality

This list of updates from The Conversation is all about Climate and why AFMW’s Climate Health Action Group (CHAG) is so important. It explains why we as AFMW should be engaged and outspoken on this issue of climate change and climate health impacts.

It’s at the very heart of health and wellbeing of everyone but wherever  there are vulnerable people, these very often  are women and children, women with children, marginalised people such as refugees, CALD community members with minimal English who often work in compromising and harsh conditions, the effects are felt earlier and more intensely.


AFMW is taking action as listed:

  • AFMW Statement on Climate Change Health Emergency
  • AFMW advocacy at state, national and international levels
  • AFMW member participation and awareness through articles, webinars and workshops
  • Better Futures Australia Roundtable’s discussions participated in the working groups and attending the BFA conference 17/18 August 2021
  • DEA – forging a strong relationship with Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) through our MOU and joint work/ projects
  • Climate and Health Health Alliance (CAHA) membership
  • Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) – adding our logo to their joint statement sent to federal decision makers of the necessity for shorter term targets and that Australian must slash climate pollution this decade
  • Sharing and recirculating  of articles that inform and call  us to action such as the following from  this weeks’ The Conversation

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