Dr Ros Terry featured as Herstory this month

Herstory – Dr Rosalind ‘Ros’ Terry

Herstory this month features Dr Rosalind ‘Ros’ Terry, Surgeon, Victorian Medical Women’s Society Seniors Rep and Constance Stone Award recipient. Dr Ros Terry has been a valued member of the Victorian Medical Women’s Society (VMWS) since she graduated from medicine in 1973 and to this day remains the VMWS Senior Member’s Representative.

Herstory: Dr Sandra Hirowatari

‘Herstory’ – Dr Sandra Hirowatari

Herstory this month features our own Dr Sandra Hirowatari, our esteemed Rural and Remote AFMW Council member. Sandra’s challenge to herself has been, “I wanted to be a person I admire” and ‘face your fear’.
Upon reading Sandra’s story, my immediate response was ‘wow’, and after digesting it all, letting the emotional impact settle, and speaking from the perspective of an urban doctor who experiences rural and remote only as a transient observer on holidays, I am filled with a sense of awe and gratitude that doctors like Sandra exist.

Dr Desiree Yap Swei Lien - Herstory profile

‘Herstory’ – Dr Desiree Yap Swei Lien AM

Herstory this month features our own Dr Desiree AM, specialist gynaecologist in cervical dysplasia, esteemed AFMW member, current Vice President of Western Pacific MWIA, past President of AFMW and VMWS. Many years ago, Desiree called me at my practice and invited me to attend the WP MWIA regional conference that was taking place at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. That was my first introduction to VMWS, AFMW, MWIA and the beginning of many wonderful experiences. Hopefully by reading these vignettes, you enjoy learning something new about career development and aspects of mentoring.

Associate Professor (Dr) Vicki Kotsirilos AM

‘Herstory’ – Associate Professor (Dr) Vicki Kotsirilos AM

Please meet Associate Professor (Dr) Vicki Kotsirilos AM, esteemed AFMW member and inaugural contributor to ‘Herstory’. We hope that you enjoy learning something new about aspects of mentoring through Vicki. You are also invited to learn more about her amazing career by connecting directly with her on LinkedIn. Vicki’s generous contributions continue to make an impact in medicine and the environment. Read about her mentoring journey, as she kindly shares her wisdom with us in our first AFMW Herstory contribution.